National Do Not Call (NDNC) Registry – START DND to 1909

For subscribers who would like to register/de-register their request for NDNC registry may dial 1909 or SMS to 1909 with keywords ‘START DND’ for registration and ‘STOP DND‘ for de-registration.

The National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC Registry) is setup to curb the Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC), which is any telecommunications service message, which is transmitted for the purpose of informing about or soliciting or promoting any commercial transaction in relation to goods, investments or services which a subscriber opts not to receive.

The NDNC Registry will be a database having the list of all telephone numbers of the subscribers who do not want to receive unsolicited messages. Telephone subscriber (land line or mobile) who does not wish to receive UCC, can register their telephone number with their telecom service provider for inclusion in the NDNC. Telecom Service Provider shall upload the telephone number to the NDNC within 45 days of receipt. The Telemarketer will have to verify their calling telephone numbers list with the NDNC registry before making a call.

An amount of Rs 500/- per call/message for the first call has been prescribed to discourage telemarketers who make calls to numbers registered in Do Not Call list. The second call will have a fine of Rs 1000/- and third time the line will be disconnected. The defaulter telemarketer will face disconnection of telecom service.

Each user need to register their number with their communication provider such as BSNL, Airtel, Reliance, Hutch etc. in order to register their cell number of land line number with the NDNC Registry. The provider may provide website interface or SMS interface for registering your number in NDNC Registry. Check with your provider for the details.

BTW, Hutch also provides a Do Not Disturb registry, to keep you off from any customer service calls from Hutch itself. If you register in this, you will not be contacted to recommend tariffs, offers or services from Hutch.



  1. Hi i am smruti how can NDNC -registration my number with out infom me and without my knoweldge i have not recive sms for my frnds who have sent throught the internet web site ,and also i have not recieve my job sms i dont . this is not wright, i have sent for sms for de-registration. to 1909 but still not work . any NDNC member told me how u registration my number. i dont registration my number , please cancel my number in your database , u have option in your site for de-registration online sumit but their is be no facility. please as soon as possible de-registration my number.

  2. the government s just fucking around
    n bsnl is sucking the comman mans wealth which he does not has
    first i register for dnd but it does not starts thn i ask the offical but he a fucking moron does not know wat to do even whn there are the instruction copy in front of him
    thn i registered again but thrs no result
    n now they hav started cutting money even if we donot use any facilities n tell u hav activated the service frm som
    which does not has anything just a web hosted by these morons to get money frm us so thy can cover thieir debt of 17.6 lakh crores
    please BSNL we are feeling ashamed of ttht if u want money tell us we will contribute it
    n this dnd service is of no use as there are no such facilities made in BSNL
    it will tel u wrong format n if u dial code does not exsistss…….

  3. i try to submit START DND by sms but messege centre is empty. i also try to register my registration through net national ndnc my mobile no is from haryana but haryana zone is not available in zonal column. what i can do for START DND.

  4. i have registered for dnd faciality but it has became futile approach .please tell me whether any one is there to obligue the guideline of trai. my no is 09450591084

  5. i am sending sms to many no.s
    without knowing the no. in DND list or not.
    can u tell me if some one using a law so what all they do and how can i safe myself from these issues,


  6. You can visit for the Govt set up site on Do not disturb facility.

    The idea was to prevent unsolicited calls or sms. However many of the providers really do not follow the rule completely.

    First one needs to register to 1909 via sms or call. Getting this part done may itself not happen in many places. After this provider gets 45 days time to register on NDNC during which time they may sms and call as much as they want. After 45 days your number should be registered on NDNC site and people who call you should check before calling, but in real life most of them do not or you may not be registered.

    I called up BSNL landline 1909 and their call center picked up and they have asked to call the nearest call center for NDNC as they do not have the provision for it in their call center!

    The rule should have been that when any phone connection is taken, no one should get a call unless one opts to, but who is really bothered about the common man…

    Forcing users to register is like having a do not rape registry! Unless you are not registered in the directory if someone rapes you, it is okay… ??!!

    I wonder where did the right of privacy in our constitution go ?!!

  7. i am sending sms to many no.s
    without knowing the no. in DND list or not.
    can u tell me if some one using a law so what all they do and how can i safe myself from these issues,

    thanks & regards
    [email protected]

  8. i have registed my number in DND, but i still keep getting unwanted calls and message. can any one tell me how much time does it take to stop this services,

  9. I have registerd my cell no. on dnd service on feb’09, but steel i got some promotional sms from defferent company. Even last night I got a promotional sms. Is their any money I can get as penalty against this promotional sms. If not, than actualy, what is the function of this law? Can anyone help me out about this law? My cell no. is 09830476902.

  10. I have registered my number in dnd airtel, even though i am getting un wanted calls from them .
    when we will get rid of these troubles ???
    god knows.

  11. The biggest problem with all the cell phone operators is their customer care.Before few years,they were employing the customer care staff with good communication skills only,But now,they are giving jobs to the guys who even can’t speak good Hindi. Their accent is as bad as you could ever hate at your best,they don’t have manners.And the poor customers even can’t complain against those bastards because the nodal officers of most of the operators are not interested in listening any complaint against their staff.And the reason is simple.They are getting them much cheaper than before,when they were running their own call centers. TRAI’s officials should get some problems with them,and then they’ll understand the real life problems of Indian consumers. Laws are not to be kept in books only,atleast sometimes,they should be implemented too.

  12. Dear Jitendra, same problem i am facing average in week. Airtel is worst in customer value & forcing what they want on us. i am using Airtel since 5 years & now it is difficult for me to turn from it. so..keep going!!

    • ‘START DND’ is not working any more…… please let me know the the new code to register mobile number in to ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ service.

  13. Reliance mobile users send SMS START DND on 1909 from your phone and follow instructions to avoid unwanted telemarketing calls by register your telephone number in National Do Not Call registry.

  14. Even I registered at NDNC and also at Airtel’s own Do Not Call Registry, but I am still getting pronmotionalcalls and SMSs. If I will receive it in future I will next time lodge an FIR against Airtel and claim damage. As a Supreme Court ruling all such calls made to customers are liable to be paid @ Rs. 1000 per call.

  15. I tried to register three different mobile numbers with Airtel DND list. Each time an automatically generated technical error message popped up. Two times the message read as “invalid area code”, and once as “you have already applied for this service”. I still receive unsolicited promotional calls form commercials including service provider Airtel. They are deliberately misusing technical loopholes to deprive customers of the right provided by law.

  16. Airtel look to be extremely reluctant to record its users to DND list.
    I have registered once but even after 40 days I kept on getting unsolicited calls. I rang 121 and they said I have not booked under DND. The funniest thing is before I could finish my conversation with the boy, I received an SMS with my registration number!! 40 hays have again gone, but I am still continuing with these painful situation. TRAI has give guidelines but it looks that is still not actioned!! my registration number in
    Kolkata is W1003350879 of 2nd January 2008. Is there any law to stop it ?

  17. Hi All,

    Can any one assist me on the legality of domestic call center?

    We want to set up our telemarketing office at Noida UP, in which employee will work on 24 X 7 basis and they will make the call within India only.

    we need your help and assistance for full filling the legal obligation.

    • Could you please tell us what are the Legal formalities we need to fulfill (related to calling )?
    • Do we need to take any NOC form TRY or DOT ?
    • Do we need to register or file any application in in TRY or DOT?
    • What precaution we need to take with DND (Do not disturb service)?

    Please also assist me if I missed out something which need to take care.

    [email protected]

  18. Airtel has another trick up its sleeve. If you subscribe to the DNC list, they will not send you anything at all after that not even confirmation of recharge / top up. I dunno if its true, but they said so when I tried to sign up for DNC.

  19. i sms dnd to 111 it came back saying send act dnd to 111…when this was down it again came back as “Sorry!you are not allowed to subscriber this request” ???? any one what does it mean…

  20. Hutch is very unprofessional.

    I am using it because I have no other good option.

    [1] i have to send DND 3 times to get it activated.

    [2] Once u send DND to 111, they will ask 7 days to process our DND request.

    [3] As soon as I sent DND,I got a flood of promotional SMSs. I think they want to make the most within 7 days.But I still wonder, why they would need 7 days!

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