Nabbr – Gen Y Online Video Network, Free-Spending Market

Nabbr is The Gen Y Online Video Network with exclusive video distribution on 400+ social networking “resource sites” 12-34 year olds use to customize their social network profile pages with apps, widgets, backgrounds, etc. Nabbr has 300+ Million premium video entertainment content views/month to people actively looking to express themselves and enhance their digital personas. It delivers all the reach and engagement benefits of social networks with none of the concerns surrounding UGC and personal pages.

Nabbr makes it easy to make some serious loot from your site’s traffic

  • [advt]If you’ve got a happening site join the Nabbr network.
  • Embed our player on your site or blog, and get today’s best songs, videos and  entertainment.
  • Make money every time someone views or embeds a video player from your site.
  • Stand out: Promote your site. Get loads of traffic

The social web has changed the rules of marketing. Today, companies need innovative ways to market their brand and engage their target audience. With our turnkey advertising solutions, your brand is in front of 40 Million highly attentive Gen-Y social web users a month. The Nabbr platform gives you something that money can’t buy: consumer endorsement.

Nabbr is connected to Gen-Y. It play where they do, on the social web, so you can place your premium content directly on the personal pages of this (until now) hard-to-reach, free-spending market.

Nabbr network consists of hundreds of the most highly trafficked social sites today, integrating directly with MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Xanga and many, many more.


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