MX Touch – Pearson’s Tablet-Based Education Solution

Pearson, the learning solutions provider, launched a tablet-based education solution ‘MX Touch platform’, compliant with the school syllabus, for schools in India. The platform provides school children with rich digital content, 3D animations, quizzes and videos.

It allows parents to monitor the academic progress of their children accurately with easy access to assignments, difficult lessons covered during school hours and archived assessments and tests.

The MX Touch comes bundled with tablets at a variety of prices to ensure it is affordable and accessible by the broadest possible cross section of students.

MX Touch will be available in three versions:

MX Touch – ActiveTouch has pedagogically sound, graded digitised textbooks already loaded on the tablet.

MX Touch – DigitALly is loaded with DigitALly Student Edition, another edition of Pearson’s patented teaching tool.

MX Touch – Ultimate is a bundled version that includes MX Touch – ActiveTouch and MX Touch – DigitALly SE.

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