Mobile Fragrance Communication Service – Download or Send Fragrance Using Your Mobile

Would you ever wanted to smell a rose or jasmine while you are in the fish market to get rid of the nasty smell there? Yes, you can now download and play your favorite frangance through your cell phone!

NTT Communications of Japan has recently announced a pilot test of its new Mobile Fragrance Communication service. The service will add specific fragrances that are emitted by a dedicated device along with audiovisual content download.

Fragrance Communication is also used by companies and individuals to enhance indoor environments with pleasing fragrances. The new mobile version offers the convenience of using mobile communication to download Fragrance Playlists, or files of recipes for specific fragrances together with visual (GIF animation) and audio (MIDI) content. Using the phone’s infrared port, the fragrance data is transferred to a device that has been loaded with a cartridge of essences. The device mixes the specific fragrances and emits them as the user enjoys the audio-video content played back on their phone.

The Fragrance Playlists also can be edited as well as shared with others who subscribe to the service. NTT Com is also planning to develop ringtones, music and horoscopes combined with fragrances, applications for housing, automotive, consumer electronics or video game markets, etc. NTT has been developing this technology since 2004. [via tg, ntt]

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