Mobile-based Security System for BPOs

Webtra, a Chennai based firm, introduced a mobile technology based security system for the BPO.

As soon as an employee gets into a cab, the employee will send an SMS to a centralised number and after five minutes, a message automatically goes to the employee. If the employee does not respond to the message, a call will follow in after five minutes. If the person fails to respond, then the system will declare a crisis alert. The transport department will then call the family or any close friend of the person and all other employees who are slotted in the cab.

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Webtra’s SMS Based Security system for the BPOs is featured on NDTV, see the clip below from YouTube.


  1. hey peetu,
    very true.

    Another better solution is to do the brain surgery of the BPO employee and put a thought transmitting device on their nerve system, so that when they are panic, a panic alarm is set remotely in the company’s HQ! (as seen in some 007 movies?)

    What is in this news for us? Think about the drawback of the system and et innovative with a new system! (that’s why this post is in 🙂

  2. Hi sree,
    This post should have been titled, “A complex cellphone application that does not work”.

    This is just a modern implementation of the dead man’s switch. (There is a lever in the train drivers’ compartment which has to be flipped every few minutes. If the driver does not flip it, the train stops automatically. This is the dead man’s switch). But this implementation of that age old concept is unfortunately, seriously flawed.

    First of all, continually responding to a machine by sms to say that you are safe is not practical. Thought that your parents would end up filing a missing man report when your cellphones balance or battery runs out is unsettling to say the least.

    The second issue is the human element. Huh! we dont even get up when the fire alarm rings!!! At my office a month ago, the firealarm went loco firing on and off for an hour together. None of us cared. What we did not know was that the fire alarms were ringing because they were testing it that day and not because a fire had broken out – which is why I am alive and writing this comment today.

    But the question is, would you file a missing man report because a computer sent you an SMS saying your daughter went missing after entering her office cab service? Would you call the cops if this happened every time she ran out of balance or everytime her cellphone died?

    I could not find the website of Webtra. And with good reason, I guess.

    If you are still defending this application after reading this far, here is a friendly reminder. FYI, unless the user destroys her cellphone when she starts getting raped, the raper can also reply and keep the system believing that the user is safe. You could dead for hours before your killer decides to give up sending messages from your cell phone.

    I feel like smiling. Maybe its my ego, or Webtra.

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