Mitsubishi Live Drive – Test Drive Over the Internet!

Mitsubishi, the Japanese motoring giant, has used pioneering technology to allow its customers to test drive its latest SUV “Outlander Sport 4×4” from the confort of the living room over the internet. Mitsubishi Live Drive starts from November 2nd, 2010.

Participants will be given control over the 148 horse power SUV as they steer it around a closed course in California using only their keyboards. The car’s speed will be capped at 30 mph.

Mitsubishi is the first car manufacturer in the world to launch a video game-style test drive for the prospective owners. During the ‘Live Test Drive’ customers will see a windscreen view from the car’s front seat back beamed onto their computer screens at home.

The company has equipped the four wheel drive crossover with remote control hardware including levers, cameras and GPS trackers. With this innovative marketing campaign utilizing cutting-edge technologies, Mitsubishi expects to recreate a genuine experience that engages consumers.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 4x4

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