Migrate / Upload Flickr Photos to Facebook Using UnifyPhotos

UnifyPhotos is a Facebook application which migrates your Flickr photos to Facebook and places the photos in the same albums on the Facebook which you have created on the Flickr. It is completely free, and you will always find it to be very much useful. This app is for all those people who want to transfer photos from their Flickr account to an album in Facebook. It wouldn’t be an easy task to upload your Flickr Photos to your Facebook Account without the third party applications.

Features of UnifyPhotos

  • UnifyPhotos does not need any download. Only you need a Flickr account andFacebook account.
  • UnifyPhotos does not upload any photos from your desktop, but only moves photo from Flickr to Facebook. However, while transferring they also upload photo from the Flickr account.
  • It requires permission from both the accounts to post or transfer any content in those accounts.[advt]
  • It completely transfers a set from Flickr to Facebook but cannot deal with any single photo in Flickr.
  • It is completely free and does not take any charge for such service.
  • The main motive of UnifyPhotos is to have unification in photos in both Facebook and Flickr. It does not store any of the photos on your desktop.
  • It is very easy to use. Only some steps need to be followed.

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