Microsoft Mediaroom 2.0 – The Next Gen Microsoft IPTV Platform

Microsoft Corporation announced Microsoft Mediaroom 2.0 at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA. The next generation IPTV platform will help TV service operators to offer content and services from television and the Web on a range of devices. Mediaroom 2.0 will be made available for testing in February 2010.

The Microsoft Mediaroom 2.0 brings Subscription TV services, which extends TV experiences across multiple screens, including Windows 7 PCs, TV and mobile phone. The Mediaroom software supports whole-home digital video recording (DVR), on-demand capabilities, interactive applications and access to both operator-hosted content and Internet TV.

A growing number of consumers now use a PC as a secondary screen for watching TV, and in some cases a PC may be their only TV screen. Mediaroom 2.0 combines client software with cloud-based services to provide viewers with access to a world of great content on the big flat screen in their living room, the PC in their office, and even the smartphone in their pocket.


Mediaroom 2.0 gives TV service operators the ability to reach beyond their managed IPTV networks, extending their television services to their unmanaged broadband networks. As a result, operators have the ability to offer content from a vast number of television and Internet sources, and deliver it to more viewers in more places than ever before.

All of this gives people more freedom in where and how they access their entertainment, while also providing a familiar, consistent experience. For example, subscribers could start watching a show on one screen and finish watching it on another. They could also build a video queue on a smartphone and watch the content later on a TV or PC. While traveling they could watch a recorded TV program on a smartphone and later watch an on-demand feature film in HD on a laptop all via Mediaroom 2.0 enabled TV services.

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