Microsoft All Set to Launch Windows Phone 7 and Bing in Indian Market

Microsoft plans to launch its Windows Phone 7 and search engine Bing in the Indian market this year, as per a report. Microsoft India development centre has fine-tuned the innovative applications of Bing for its launch in India.

Amit Chatterjee, managing director of Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC) said

“Windows Phone 7 will be launched in a few months but the date has not yet been decided. A number of products are to suit the demands of a billion satisfied customers all around the world. We are making all efforts to give them a brand new visual experience. device allows Microsoft to bring together its assets like Office, Explorer and search engine Bing. The applications range from simple to those with more work flow.”[advt]

He did not agree that Windows Phone 7 already launched abroad is heavy and slow.

Windows Phone 7 has already been launched in the US and other countries with its global partner HTC. Windows Phone 7 and Bing are two of the focus areas of MSIDC.

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