memory-life – Relive and Share Memories with Friends and Family

memory-life Logomemory-life is a place for your memories: photos, videos, sounds, texts. It’s a “shoebox”, full of memories and a place for people to store personal pictures, videos, sounds and even texts.
memory-life allows you to create animations with all your memories with only a few clicks. You can then share them with your friends quicky and easily.
With memory-life you can:

  • preserve your photos and film: Memory-life allows you to preserve life’s important moments to relive and to share them whenever you desire.
  • Save your SMS/MMS: Save your texts in your personal account by sending them to 52525 and save your MMS by sending them, by email, to your [email protected].
  • Enjoy the iphone app: The memory-life iPhone app allows you to capture and relive your memories whenever, wherever from your iPhone.
  • Let your memories live again: Memory-life allows you to revive your best moments by creating a short film to share with your friends and family.
  • Find your recordings again: Memory-life allows you to save recordings easily by using your address
  • Digitize all your memories: Memory-life gives you the opportunity to digitize VHS and films to relive these moments with your friends and family, directly on your computer.

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