Lock Zip Files Using Password – Download Zip Lock for Free

Zip-Lock is a small software application created particularly for encrypting Zip files. Zip Lock is a free program which locks your Zip files securely by the means of a password and encrypts the data in the zip file. Zip Lock is a completely free program. Once you have downloaded and installed Zip Lock, just drag and drop your zip file to the application to create your “zip lock bag” or .zlb file.

[advt]User can then create a password for the .zlb file to protect it. To unlock it, you will need to enter the password within Zip Lock. To make it more confusing, the .zlb file will extract to a corrupted zip file if the wrong password is typed. User can say that it is like putting your files in a Zip lock bag. The files are already zipped and again you encrypt them. So its like a double protection layer for your data. You can be sure that your data will be secure at all time with the help of Zip Lock.

Download Zip-Lock 


  • Desktop app to protect zip files.[advt]
  • Converts encrypted zip file to a new file extension.
  • Easy to set-up and use.
  • Use the program to unlock encrypted zip files.

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