LinkedIn Mobile App Available on Snaptu Platform

Snaptu mobile app platform and LinkedIn professional network launched the new LinkedIn mobile application for mass market phones.

Built on the Snaptu mobile app platform, the LinkedIn app brings smartphone-like user experience to over 2,500 different mobile devices, representing around 80% of the devices sold worldwide.

LinkedIn will now be available worldwide as a part of the Snaptu mobile app, which is already used by over 30 million people worldwide. It will join a range of other popular web and online services, including Facebook, Twitter and over 30 other news, sport, weather and entertainment services.

Snaptu has partnerships with mobile operators and device manufacturers across the US, Europe and Asia, so millions of mobile users will have the Snaptu app pre-loaded on their device.

To add LinkedIn, simply go to “Add more” and select “LinkedIn” and it will appear on your homescreen.

To download the LinkedIn app on Snaptu, please visit from your mobile device.

“With the rapid growth of mobile professionals around the world, we’re thrilled to partner with Snaptu to expand our global reach and be accessible wherever our members work,” said Adam Nash, VP of Product Management at LinkedIn. “By harnessing Linkedin’s rich developer platform, Snaptu’s LinkedIn application now offers millions of people direct access to professional insights and information on their feature phones, whether they are in the office or on the go.”

Snaptu CEO Ran Makavy: “LinkedIn has become as much a part of the working life as the mobile phone, so it’s very exciting for us to bring the two together. LinkedIn recognizes the value in reaching beyond the smartphone market to bring quality services to every device, leveraging the Snaptu mobile apps platform.”

“The Snaptu platform provides the complete technical and distribution structure to help publishers and service owners massively expand their mobile user base and unravel the immense monetization potential in the global market. We are delighted LinkedIn has joined the likes of Facebook and ESPN to offer an outstanding user experience to all mobile users, regardless of their device,” he said. [source]

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