Diwali Diya App – Light a Virtual Deeya on Android Device

diwali-diya-app-logoDiwali Deeya/Diya is a free android app that allows you to interact with a Diwali Deeya/Diya/Deya on your phone. You can tap on the screen to light the deeya. Using the Options Bar you can change the background image, change the song or change the type of deeya and much more. This android app will create a  virtual deewali on your android device.

Download Diwali Deeya/Diya Android App



  • Tap the screen to light the deeya (diya)
  • Select from five (5) different background images
  • Select from three (3) traditional Diwali songs to play as a background track (Song Titles: Hey Maha Lakshmi Maa, Jai Hey Maha Lakshmi Maa, Jai Jai Lakshmi Maata)
  • [advt]Select from five (5) different styles of deeya (diya)
  • Find out about the history of Diwali
  • The Options Bar which allows you to customize the application
  • When you exit the application, your preferences are stored on the phone. The next time you start the application it will remember which background you preferred as well as your favorite song and deeya (diya).

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