Launchy – Free Application Launcher Software for Windows and Linux

Launchy is a free open source application launcher for Windows and Linux. It indexes shortcuts in the start menu, and files in specific folders to allow quicker access to programs without opening the start menu itself, or browsing to the relevant folder.

Launchy automatically loads itself on boot and waits for the user to call it by pressing Alt + Space or a custom user hotkey. The user then starts typing the name of the program or file they wish to launch. Launchy automatically searches its list of programs for the closest match as the user types. When it finds the desired program, the user hits enter and it is automatically launched.

[advt]Launchy also has the option to add folders and file formats to its catalog for indexing. This makes it useful for launching almost anything on a computer, including internet, music, videos, and games. Launchy also can run Google, Wikipedia, MSN, and Yahoo searches, bringing the results up in the default browser. It also launches bookmarks as required. Launchy also supports plug-ins, adding to its versatility

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