Kraken – Free Online Lossless Image Optimizing Tool

Kraken is a free online lossless image optimizing tool. It optimizes your PNG, JPEG and GIF files and thus save your bandwidth and your users’ time. It re compresses images with blazing speed and strips metadata with image quality intact.

With Kraken you can squeeze your images to the minimum, not even a single pixel of image quality lost. Want to save bandwidth and improve your website’s load times. It can parse uploads with a blazing speed of 500 MB/sec.

Now Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox fully support that technology. Kraken allows for bigger, up to 1 MB, file size limits. You can krak 20 files in one go. In case you have more than 20 files to krak, simply send them packed with 20pcs.

[advt]It introduces GIF files optimization support. GIF animations will be optimized and saved in the same format. Static GIF images are optimized and converted to PNG8 (256 colors) with full alpha channel, so don’t be surprised to see some of your GIF files changed into PNG8. Everything works OK. However, remember to change extension of these files in your websites and apps. For the record, remember that saving static images in GIF format isn’t the best idea.

Download Kraken  for Google Chrome

Download Kraken for Firefox 

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