InternetDisk – Access Virtual Hard Disk Over the Internet

InternetDisk is a file server solution that saves every file that is created in the office. [androidqrcode:  com.estsoft.internetdisk.Explorer]InternetDisk is a software that is specialized in enterprises that cooperation via sharing individual/department/project files is essential. It lets enterprise to integrate and manage all the files by saving in the internal server, and use them safely and with convenience.

Download InternetDisk for Android


  • File Download: Download files or open files within the application which are stored in InternetDisk.
  • Limit File Accessing: A security function that limits unauthorized users from classified files.
  • Previewing Documents: Preview stored files in InternetDisk without downloading.- Supported Documents: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, hwp
  • Upload iPhone Photo Album: A function to upload pictures and videos saved in iphone Photo Album to InternetDisk.
  • Share/Forward Files: Share or forward files in InternetDisk by URL or Email.
  • Comment Files: Write or view comments of files stored in InternetDisk.

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