The Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (IISH) on Bharat, Culture & Science

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Many of us have a lot of questions on India, Sanathana Dharma, Karma, Superstitions, Idol Worship, etc… If you really want to understand India’s culture and heritage in a scientific way, listen to Dr. N Gopalakrishnan of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (IISH). Everyday at 6:30 am, Amrita T V airs Dr. Gopalakrishnan’s Paithrukasandesham programme, in Malayalam.

Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (IISH), is a charitable organization founded by Dr. N Gopalakrishnan. The Institute serves as a research center for studies regarding the History of Arsha Bharatham, its Science & culture. IISH publish a lot of books, audios and videos with the objective of learning and teaching the scientific and cultural heritage of India with a scientific vision.


You can download speeches of Sri. Gopalakrishan from IISH, file size varying from 50MB to 110MB. There is a lot of recordings worth listening for months, download them into your cell phone or iPod!

You can also buy CDs / DVDs online from the website. The MP3 Audios are also available as smaller files at, uploaded by nandanmenon.

Hope you appreciate the effort and listen to the MP3s. If you wish to conduct a seminar or study class in your organization or in your locality, or if you have questions questions and or doubts on Indian heritage, use the feedback / contact form at website.

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