Import/Export Data Between Different Databases – Download FlowHeater

FlowHeater is free data import/export software that allows you to export or import data to different databases. It can import and export data to Excel, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, TextFiles, Oracle, and moreIt allows to import/export data from a differing data source using a graphically defined version and also convert this data as desired in the process.

Transferring data from one location to another is very quick with all the necessary conversions all together in FlowHeater. Different types of data sources can be interconnected with unrestricted flow of data by making use of exchangeable adapters in this free software, FlowHeater.

FlowHeater has a very simple interface which can be used with ease by anyone.FlowHeater supports all codepage groups which includes MS-Dos, Unicode, Unix and many more. It also supports different conversions of character encoding which can be combined as per the needs of user.
Download FlowHeater

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