iGrOOps Social Website Platform – Create Professional Social Websites

iGrOOps.com is the ultimate social website platform allowing groups of all types to create professional social websites (also known as membership sites or online groups) using web-based software that is simple enough for the technically-challenged, yet powerful enough for the most experienced web user.  It is a Website, that can easily replace any website you currently have, allowing you to replace your static content with dynamic and interactive content that will keep your customers coming back.

[advt]iGrOOps is a Social Network.  With software not available in other social networks, it has a unique advantage in the social network space. iGrOOps is Membership Website Software.  Similar software applications for allowing the administrator to create a professional membership website.  It is unique because of the flexibility it provides to its administrators (group starters) and the centralized tools. It is a Fund raising Tool.

iGrOOps is a Corporate Intranet. It provides an ideal way for teams, departments, or entire businesses to communicate and also applications allow its members to build content by their contributions to the group.


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