IBM’s Growth Plans in India and the Indian IT Industry

As you might already know, IBM Chairman Sam Palmisano announced $6 billion investment in India over next 3 years. IBM currently has over 43,000 employees in India and had invested $2 billion over the last 3 years. So the current investment plan would mean that IBM would grow to approximately 1,20,000 employees in 3 years. With the aggressive growth plans for Indian vendors like TCS, Infosys, Wipro and Satyam, and others giants like IBM would clearly bring in a lot of opportunity for Software professionals in India.

I guess there are a lot of opportunity coming up for Global Delivery Model experienced Project Managers, especially those working with major Indian vendors. I am just thinking, is it a good time for me to think about a job change? 🙂 I can surely think about this, if IBM starts in Thiruvananthapuram. (Hope that my current employer is not reading this blog!) LOL

According to a latest study on global outsourcing market, India will maintain its low-cost IT skills leverage in the offshore outsourcing market for another 30 years. The move to two-tier cities within the country and opening of delivery centers outside India is also helping the IT service providers to lever their costs.

In a recent study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Twenty One Indian companies are listed in The New Global Challengers list of the top 100 companies emerging in developing economies. The list includes Indian IT majors Infosys, TCS, Wipro and Satyam. The study forsees these companies to become the multinational majors in the 21st century. Read the full story.

Reading together all these news gives me confidence that my colleagues will be able to retire from the IT industry at their sixties… But what work will they be doing? Will the next generation throw all of us out soon from the IT game? Don’t know… Let us wait for 10 years and watch, right?

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