“HTC Locations” Location & Navigation Experience Uses TomTom Maps

TomTom, provider of location and navigation solutions headquartered in The Netherlands, and HTC Corporation announced they are combining strengths to deliver superb navigation and location solutions on HTC smartphones.

HTC’s new mapping experience called “HTC Locations” comes preloaded with TomTom’s location-rich maps, resulting in a zero-wait navigation experience. HTC Locations is initially available on the new HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z smartphones in Europe and Asia and will be extended to a wide variety of future smartphones and geographies.

The maps are preloaded and instantly available at users’ fingertips. Maps and location content come preloaded on HTC Locations while turn-by-turn navigation can be purchased and downloaded through HTC Locations or HTCSense.com.

TomTom employs over 3,000 employees worldwide. Over 45 million people daily use its solutions, be it in the form of dedicated portable navigation devices (PNDs), in-dash car systems or tracking and tracing solutions for fleet management. In addition, hundreds of millions of people use TomTom’s digital maps on the internet or mobile phone.

TomTom also provides up-to-date route planner, including LIVE traffic information. [htc]

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  1. I purchased the Southern Africa Premium Navigation upgrade for HTC Locations only to find out that unlike Garmin or NDrive they have no idea what Southern Africa is. It only contains South Africa. And they do not want to refund.
    As a nav application it is quite good, but support from HTC is I can only rate as -100.

    Please be very sure that the region you purchase covers what is needed as they do not know their geography well. Go for NDrive

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