How to Think Outside the Box with Evernote

Most people who have a smartphone have heard of Evernote. Some may even have the Evernote app installed on their phones. On surface level, Evernote seems incredibly simple in its service offerings: It allows you to take notes and access them from anywhere by internet connection.

Evernote offers a variety of note-taking methods, including storing photos, audio notes, text, attachments, and clipping webpages. In addition, Evenote allows you to organize your notes easily into different notebooks and tags (which can apply across multiple notebooks). The Evernote app can be installed on virtually any smartphone.

Great Ways to Use Evernote

The beauty of Evernote lies in its simplicity. It allows you to create notes in any form and organize notes however you’d like. This allows you to experiment with Evernote to see what kinds of uses suite or benefit you the most. Some of the best and most natural uses of Evernote include the following:

Window Shopping

If you ever see something at the store that you just don’t have the time of money to get, Evernote is great for just snapping a picture, tagging it, and saving it for later. This is also extremely useful if you find something that would be a good gift for a somewhat distant birthday.

Idea Dump

I used to be the champion of lost ideas. Then I had several notebooks that had all sorts of ideas that I could never find when I needed them. Evernote gives you the luxury of having all your ideas in one location: On your phone and computer. You can even make note while driving with the voice notes option.

Document Expenses

With Evernote, you can document any bill or purchase easily by just snapping a picture of whatever bill or receipt you want to remember. Evernote will even identify any print text on the picture so you can search the text on the bill or receipt rather than having to tag everything with extreme detail.

Creative Ways to Use Evernote

Because Evernote is such a simple interface and organizational concept, it’s very easy to structure it to fit different purposes and systems. Some of the more unique ways to use Evernote include:


My default notebook is literally called “Inbox.” This sounds simple but a lot of people actually don’t make any type of inbox for Evernote. If I’m making a note and can’t think of what notebook to put it in, Inbox works great, and then I can process it into a different or new notebook once I’m at a computer of have time.

Ultimate Backup

You can literally save everything on Evernote. You can forward all emails, documents, PDFs, IM conversations, and anything else you can think of in Evernote. Of course, I recommend you get their paid premium account for this ($5 per month or $45 per year) which lets you upload 1 GB per month.

On the Fly Memorization

There are a lot of things that you need to remember but aren’t necessarily worth writing down. For instance, where you parked your car at the airport. Evernote is great for quickly tracking this simple but helpful things to remember, all with an easy snapshot on your camera.

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