GPS Based Vehicle CCTV Surveillance and Digital Video Recorder

Digitals India launches a unique solution for surveillance of moving vehicle in India. The solution will facilitate Cash Management Companies, Radio Taxis & Public transport agencies, Schools, BPO/ IT Companies (Cabs) and Logistic companies to not only keep a track of the vehicles through GPS but also record the activities happening inside the vehicle. This solution will act as a crime deterrent on the roads and prevent malicious activities inside the commercial vehicles.

“With the launch of specialized CCTV solution for vehicle surveillance we are addressing a very important security concern today of rise in crime/ fraudulent activities inside the vehicle and on the Road. At Digitals India we are constantly infusing newer technology into feasible solutions. This is what we call the DIGITALS EDGE to security. Our DIGITALS EDGE differentiates our solutions in technology, research and value added services.” Said Mr Hitesh Rajwanshi, CEO DISPPL.

DISVU GPS 04 is a Digital Video Recorder which is primarily installed in commercial vehicles to keep a track of all activities happening inside the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion with the help of one 4 Channel DVR with four Hidden analog cameras.


[advt]The DVR captures all information in the SD card /USB drive of the system and once the vehicle reaches its point of destination, the data can be downloaded through the USB drive and can be played in the software to see the events recordings. The Micro SD card can store upto 72 hours of recording. The recording is saved in AVI format which playable at any standard PC at the base station.

Further, it also has the facility of downloading the journey route which the vehicle had followed through the help of “Google Maps” in the self –downloaded software which not only defines the route map followed by the vehicle but also mentions the speed at which the vehicle was moving. It also makes the recording available by means of snapshots. The software is very user friendly and can be operated by a layman. It is used for localized recording and can be reviewed later.

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