GPRS Settings for BSNL Live, BSNL TV, BSNl Net, BSNL MMS

BSNL customer can use the data services of BSNL over GPRS, EDGE or 3G. The data service can be used for HTTP browsing, WAP browsing, downloading or streaming video / audio content and also for sending and receiving MMS.

For each of these services an APN (Access Point Name) has to be setup in the customer Handset. The following APNs are now being used:

bsnlnet: This is used for http browsing. It is used for internet browsing with Data Card/Handset from PC/LAPTOP. The handsets having the http browsing support can also use this APN to browse.

bsnllive: This is basically for WAP browsing. It is used for internet browsing or content download from handset.

bsnlstream: This is used to watch all streaming content services like Mobile TV, Video lips/Audio Clips in BSNL Live and Hello TV.

bsnlmms: This is used for sending and receiving MMS. The customer can setup all the APNs or a selected one depending upon the requirement.

The different way of getting the APN settings are described below:

Settings over SMS: Customers may send SMS XXX to 58355 to get the GPRS/3G settings. XXX stands for individual keyword for corresponding settings.

send LIVE to 58355 for bsnllive APN. Homepage: Proxy: Port: 8080

send TV to 58355 for bsnlstream APN

send NET to 58355 for bsnlnet APN. Homepage:

send MMS to 58355 for bsnlmms APN. Homepage: Proxy:, Port:8080

send BSNL to 58355 for all APNs – bsnlnet, bsnllive, bsnlstream, bsnlmms

Selected settings corresponding to the handset will be pushed to the handset. Customer has to save the settings in the handset. “bsnllive” should preferably be made default setting in the handset.

Settings from Website

The settings are also available at website for  downloading to the handsets by the customers. Customer can go to that internet website from thecomputer and give the mobile number and select the handset. The selected settings will be sent to the handset. These are to be saved.

Manual Configuration of Settings

The settings corresponding to the handset may be manually set in the handset. The details of Manual settings are given below and are also available in the website

Settings from Call Centre

The settings may also be received from the call centre by dialing 1503. Customers are pushed or guided by them for settings.

Setting on TSD

“bsnllive” and “bsnlstream” settings will be sent automatically when a new customer inserts the SIM to the handset for the first time or changes the handset.

Settings for Blackberry Handsets

“” is the default APN for Web browsing in Blackberry handsets. Settings for blackberry subscribers is pushed by the Service Provider (RIM) as BSNL LIVE, BSNL MMS and BSNL Stream service books and gets automatically saved in the handsets. Blackberry device manager can be used for internet browsing from PC/Laptop using blackberry handset. Dial Blackberry Call centre at 1505 (Toll Free) to get more details.


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