Google Listen – Podcast Player for Android Devices

Google Listen is an Andriod application developed by Google Labs. Google Listen quickly finds podcasts and web audio relevant to your searches and then allows you to listen to them, whether you stream them over-the-air or download them for later.

With the development of this android app, Google Labs brings podcasts and web audio to your Android-powered device. It lets you search, subscribe, download and stream. By subscribing to programs it will create a personalized audio-magazine loaded with fresh shows and news stories whenever you listen. In this release Google Listen is indexing thousands of popular English-only audio sources.

Listen from Google Labs acts as a podcast manager for Android-powered phones such as the G1 and myTouch 3G from T-Mobile.

Download Goolge Listen For Android

Podcasts(non-streamed webcast) refer to any audio, video or digital media that is distributed to any computing device (portable media players or personal computers) on a regular or demand basis (i.e. released episodically and often downloaded through web). The term can refer to the content itself or to the method used to distribute the content.

Searching Audios using Google Listen

Use the Search bar from the home screen (or “Menu -> Search” from other screens) to search for audio programs. If you know the name of a specific podcast, you can search for that, or you can search for a topic such as “Google”. Once you find search results you like, press on a result to start listening right away or press and hold (long-press) to see more options.


Subscriptions allow you to keep up to date with specific programs or specific search terms. After you press on any search result you’ll see a checkbox in the upper right; just select it to subscribe to that program. Listen will then always show you the latest episode on the Programs tab of the My Subscriptions screen. To subscribe to a search term, select the checkbox when you are viewing the list of results. Listen will then always show you a recent episode whose content matches that search term on the Searches tab of My Subscriptions.

Listen Queue

Queue is a way for you to chose specific episodes to hear in a specific order. Listen will play the items in your Queue in order before playing your subscriptions. If your Queue is empty, or you run off the end of it, Listen will play through your subscriptions automatically.

Latest version of Google Listen – Google Listen 1.1, keeps the feeds fresh and are available offline and it integrates directly with Google Reader[source]

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