Google Base – Hosted Online Database ?

Oops, Google again! I just saw an article today that Google is testing a new subdomain called They say Google Base is Google’s database into which you can add all types of content. Google hosts your content and make it searchable online, for free.

See the screen shot posted at Flickr by Dirson.

You might have heard of Teradata, the huge data warehousing database. Tera is one trillion (1012). Google might call this database GoogolBase or GoogleBase! 🙂 The word Googol, from where the name Google originated, is 10100, literal 1 followed by 100 zeros! Googol is so large number that it encompasses everything in the universe! It is a huge thinkable number unlike the infinity.

Probably, we are going to have a GoogolSQL, and we can write user friendly queries using tags to retrieve our information of any type. Sounds interesting.

Thanks a ton for all these new features, Google!
Oops, I should say Thanks a Googol, Google!.

Read what Om Malik, the next generation internet guru, says about Base.

All sounds good. But when looking at the other side, are we getting so dependent on Google nowadays? I know, I am.


  1. Chanced upon this article just now.

    Sounds good.Information management has been something which needs a serious thinking.Any design coming out of google will be the most abstract of them all,iam sure.

  2. Newspapers have battled to defend the $19B U.S. classified ads business from the likes of Craigslist and eBay, but Googlebase is their worst nightmare. By providing a form-based front end for both posting and searching, they’ll get richer information and it will be much more searchable than anything else out there. Combining this with Google’s brand and traffic makes Googlebase a serious competitor. We built a similar solution, a “mini-googlebase” that we now sell to newspapers. Newspapers can only stay in the game if they embrace free classified ads, leverage their communities ties and leverage the printed versions as well to drive adoption.

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