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GonVisor is a free image viewer for Windows systems which supports pictures, comics, magazines and books in electronic format. It open and view comics (and anything else, really) in the usual CB formats (CBR, CBZ, CBA, CB7). Just open a file to see the opening image and a list of pages. Set your preferred viewing options – you can run full-screen, single or double page, zoom in on images, rotate them, even improve them by optimizing colours – and you’re ready to get started.

There are keys to go to the next image, for instance, or the previous one. You can jump straight to a particular image (or page) number. Bookmarks allow you to return to favourite images later, and if you’ve several CBR/ CBZ files in a folder then you can jump to the next or previous one with a keypress.

Download  GonVisor 


File viewer: GonVisor opens all types of files

  • Image files: Open all standard files.
  • Cb* files: Open comic formats like cbr, cbz, cba and cb7. It supports password protected files.
  • Image folders: Open all images in the selected folder.
  • PDF files: Open the images contained within a pdf file (using pdftohtml).
  • Compressed files: Open the images contained in rar, zip, ace and 7zip files.
  • Image extraction: Extract all images to a folder, so you can get the files contained in a cbr, cbz, cba, CB7 or pdf.
  • Bookmarks: Use bookmarks to continue your reading from the point you left it.

File Management: Easily manage your comics!

  • [advt]Creating cb* files: You can create cbr and cbz files containing a group of selected images, defining the order of images, adding description (author, date, type, comment …) and protect them with a password.
  • Management and ranking of cb*: Allows you to search all your cb* files,
    showing comics’ information, the comics you have read or you have started to read. You will be able also to rate your comics, so you can easily have a ranking of your favorite comics.
  • Creating presentations: You can easily create custom slide-shows, setting the transition time between images.

Control viewing: GonVisor shows and browse the images as you want!

  • Fast interface: GonVisor has a simple interface, intuitive and fast to view image sequences.
  • Double page: You can view two pages at once, as if reading a comic or a book.
  • Image enhancement: GonVisor incorporates different image filters to enhance images bad taken or scanned. You can adjust several parameters: normalize, contrast and smoothing.
  • Magnifier: Turns the cursor into a fully configurable magnifying glass to expand specific areas of the image.
  • Full Screen: Let GonVisor fills your screen!
  • Automatic slider: You can select images to be turned automatically by defining the transition time.
  • Line break: Walk through the images line by line, as if you were reading a real comic.
  • Image transition: Choose between multiple effects for image transitions.
  • Customizable hotkeys and mouse functions: You have many options to customize how to control GonVisor using hotkeys and mouse buttons.

Image adjustment: GonVisor adjusts images to your needs!

  • Auto size: Adjusts the image to the size of your screen.
  • Zoom: The image can be enlarged or reduced using the zoom function.
  • Rotation: Rotate the images as you want and save them with its new direction.

Printing: GonVisor converts your files in paper!

  • Easy and fitted printing: Loaded images can be printed easily, adjusting automatically their size.
  • PDF’s creation: You can create a pdf file with selected images just printing it on a virtual device for pdf creation, such as PDF Creator.

Windows integration: Integrated in Windows

  • Open cb files: Open image files, folders, files, cbr, cbz, cba, rar, zip dragging them from Windows Explorer into GonVisor.
  • Image management: Bulk rename of image files.
  • Recent files: GonVisor maintains its own history of recent files.
  • Always on top: “Always on top” mode keeps GonVisor over other applications.

And much more: Discover other little details of GonVisor!

  • Music player control: GonVisor can controls music players Winamp and Windows Media Player.
  • Boss key: Key “Here comes the boss” to camouflage GonVisor window quickly.
  • Stats: GonVisor stores your usage statistics so you can know how much time you invest in your favorite reading.
  • Compatibility: GonVisor is almost compatible with Unix using Wine.

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