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The GNU Gatekeeper is an open-source project that implements a H.323 gatekeeper. A gatekeeper provides call control services to H.323 endpoints and is an integral part of most useful Internet telephony installations that are based on the H.323 standard.

According to Recommendation H.323, a gatekeeper shall provide the following services:

  • Address Translation
  • Admissions Control
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Zone Management
  • Call Control Signaling
  • Call Authorization
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Call Management



  • Cross-platform, including Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and other Operating systems
  • A policy-based flexible routing mechanism
  • Calling and called numbers rewriting, including CLI rewriting
  • Full H.323 proxy, including RTP/RTCP media channels and T.120 data channels
  • NAT traversal using a number of protocols, including H.460.18 and H.460.19
  • Call retry / failover
  • Clustering support by neighbors, parent/child, alternates GK
  • TCP status port for monitoring and external call routing.
  • H.235 security.
  • Accounting and call authorization via SQL database, radius

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