Friendsheet Displays Photos of Facebook Friends Like on a Pinterest Board

Friendsheet is a Facebook application to browse your photos in a very new way on Facebook. Friendsheet is a Facebook application which allows to share, upload, re-share and shows your clicked pictures in a list box. You can even tag, add comments, add captions with this photo browser on Facebook. This Photo browser application takes public photos that your friends have posted and arranges them in grid format which looks amazing. Friendsheet is a photo viewer for Facebook. You can call it a “mashup” of Facebook and Pinterest as it borrows the latter’s layout to display photos from your Facebook public news feed. But the similarity is only in the visual nature of Friendsheet. The photo viewer does not borrow any of Pinterest’s mechanisms like pinning photos on image boards.

You can choose any pictures and upload the pictures directly on Facebook with Friendsheet. You can view all your comments and likes on Facebook in Friendsheet. You can even re-share photos on Friendsheet. You can choose photos of your friends which you see and post comments and add captions with this photo browser. It’s an amazing way to browse and upload photos on Facebook with Friendsheet.


  • Easy to use and get started.
  • Turns on visual experience.
  • Maintains the speed and performance.
  • You can add captions to your friends photos.
  • You can even post comments with this photo browser on Facebook.[advt]
  • You can also hide comments and hide options with this photo browser.
  • You can even hide fan pages with Friendsheet.
  • This photo browser allows you to search friends on Facebook.
  • Choose file and upload it.
  • You can view your albums on time line.


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