Friend Of A Friend (FOAF) – Describe Yourself in RDF

FOAFFriend-of-a-Friend (FOAF) is an XML and RDF application. FOAF allows the expression of personal information and relationships, and is a useful building block for creating information systems that support online communities in computer readable format.

By describing yourself using FOAF, you are providing information, in a machine-processable format, about yourself, your interests, your location, and your friends. That is, FOAF is syndicating yourself, just like RSS syndication of your blog or website.

I have created a FOAF for myself for my personal homepage and included in the XHTML header using the <link> tag. The foaf.rdf file is created using FOAF-a-Matic.

You might find these links useful.

  1. XML Watch: Finding friends with XML and RDF
  2. The FOAF Project Home Page
  3. FOAF-a-Matic – Create Your FOAF
  4. FOAF 0.1 schema
  5. The FOAF FAQ

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