Free WiFi Analyzer for Android – Download WiEye WiFi Scanner

WiEye is a FREE 802.11 WiFi Analyzer for Android. WiEye can be used for wireless site surveys, wifi scanning, and wireless discovery. It reports the Name, BSSID, Signal Strength (dBm), Channel, and Frequency of all access points within range. It also graphs this data so you can see WiFi congestion for each available channel.[androidqrcode:  edu.smu.wispy]

WiEye is an useful application for your wireless scanning needs. Alongside the application collect usage statistics from willing participants to be used as anonymized performance characteristics of wireless networks in many cities around the world as well as the user’s context (driving, sitting, standing, etc.) when the sniffing is performed.

The data will contribute to a global picture of wireless networks and their performance.  WiEye is free of charge in the hopes that there would be a large user base for the user study. Your privacy is very important. Accordingly, WiEye have developed privacy policy in order for you to understand how to collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of usage statistics.

Download WiEye – WiFi Scanner for Android


  • A Free WiFi Analyzer for Android.
  • Wireless Scanning needs.
  • It graphs the data to make WiFi congestion for each available channel.
  • Privacy Policy provided for usage statistics.

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