Free Virtualization Software for PC – Download Paragon Go Virtual

Paragon Go Virtual is a powerful application designed to allow you to make a virtual clone of your PC.

With Paragon Go Virtual you can:

  • Continue your old PC’s applications in a virtual environment. Programs, files and user settings are transferred automatically with zero user downtime, so you can quickly enjoy your favorite applications in a virtual environment on your new computer and if you moved from a PC to a Mac – you can also continue using your Windows PC on your new Mac.
  • Safely test new operating systems, applications and patches in an isolated environment without damaging your host operating system.
  • Put your PC in your pocket and use it anywhere, anytime. Create a virtual clone of your PC, including operating system, drivers and settings, all your applications and files. Save it to a USB hard drive and use it on another computer, just as if you’re working from your own PC.

Paragon Go Virtual provides support for major virtual machine vendors such as Microsoft Virtual PC, VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, VMware Player, Oracle VirtualBox 3. Paragon Go Virtual requires :

  • Supported virtualization software to run a virtual machine
  • Network card to send/retrieve data to/from a network computer
  • Recordable CD/DVD/BR drive to burn data to compact discs
  • External USB hard drive to store data

Download Paragon Go Virtual 

Key Features:

  • Full Windows OS Support – Guaranteed support for any Windows operating system since Win2K (excluding server editions).
  • P2V Migration – Migrate a physical system to a virtual environment by converting all installed software and data into a virtual disk of the required virtual machine.
  • Migration without rebooting Windows – Hot processing of locked (in-use) hard disks lets you migrate a computer without rebooting and interrupting Windows.
  • P2V Adjust OS to recover the startup ability after unsuccessful virtualization with a 3rd party tool and to make Windows Vista/7 backups bootable on virtual hardware.
  • Smart Driver Injector – Makes the process of adding new drivers smooth and easy.


  • Performance – Paragon Go Virtual performs approximately 20% faster.
  • P2V adjust OS – Freeware tools will not adjust the OS to virtual hardware, leaving the user unable to boot their virtual machine. Go Virtual adjusts the OS so the virtual machine will boot successfully.
  • Selection of virtual hardware – Go Virtual offers the user a selection of virtual hardware types. Freeware tools typically do not.
  • Migration of offline systems – Freeware tools support the migration of operating systems currently running, but they have problems migrating offline operating systems, especially when there are more than one OS on the disk. Go Virtual performs these operations with ease.

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