Free Utility Software for NTFS – Download NTFSWalker

NTFSWalker is a simple, straightforward, and most importantly free utility for analyzing and NTFS partitions on any media readable by your computer, including hard disks, memory cards, USB flash drives, and floppy disks. NTFSWalker takes you through the low-level structure of the file system, and lets you view deleted files, regular files, as well as detailed attributes for each file.

How does it work?

[advt]NTFSWalker has its own drivers for reading NTFS partitions. It bypasses the Windows file system drivers and reads your disk hardware directly. It allows you to view every record in your file system’s MFT in excruciating detail.

It is also useful for browsing deleted files, and being able to restore them, from any NTFS volume.

NTFSWalker is a cousin of the better-known program DiskDigger. If recovering lost files.

Download NTFSWalker

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