Free Up Memory Space in Android Devices – Download FMR Memory Cleaner

FMR Memory CleanerFMR Memory Cleaner is an android app frees up memory space using the feature that system kills running apps by low memory killer when available memory is low. This will improve the ease of use.

 Download FMR Memory Cleaner for Android  


  • Allocates very large memory during cleaning, and releases allocated memory.
  • The system will kill most of running apps and services at a time. So the memory fragmentation can expect to improve.
  • The services(widgets) is automatically started again by the system.
  • The resident apps and Home app to back immediately after startup with less memory usage.

The timing of use:

  • when you feel that system is slower. [androidqrcode: com.fantasmosoft.free_memory_recover]
  • after use for a long time.
  • after you have used the resident apps which is not killed the task killer.

How to use:

  • Press the clean button and begin cleaning immediately.
  • After cleaning, kill unused services by task killer if using or kill it from process list
FMR Memory Cleaner-screenshot FMR Memory Cleaner-screenshots

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