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Nuance PDF Reader is a free PDF reader that can also edit PDF files, and convert PDF files to different formats. Nuance PDF Reader is a very good replacement for Adobe Reader simply because of the small disk space that it takes, and its small memory footprint. With Nuance PDF Reader you can annotate your PDF files, underline and highlight text in them, and convert PDF files to formats like Word, Excel, WordPerfect, and RTF.

Nuance PDF Reader has very good PDF viewing capabilities. You can open PDF file of any type. Nuance PDF Reader can even open PDF based portfolios. Nuance PDF Reader also lets you view commentst that have been saved with the PDF file. While doing all this, Nuance PDF Reader takes very less disk space (less than 50MB), and uses very less RAM as compared to Adobe Reader. With Nuance PDF Reader you can underline text in your PDF file, you can highlight text in PDF, and you can cross the text in your PDF.

Nuance PDF Reader comes with built-in PDF conversion features. It can convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, WordPerfect, and RTF formats. For doing this conversion, Nuance PDF Reader connects to its own hosted service in the cloud and does the conversion.

Download Nuance PDF Reader


  • [advt]View PDF and XPS documents — Open, view and navigate virtually any PDF and XPS document
  • Convert to editable text – Easily and accurately convert your PDF file to Word, Excel, RTF or WordPerfect.
  • Print with comments – Print a PDF file that has been edited with or without comments and markups.
  • Looks Like Search – Use keywords, phrases and even patterns to search your entire PDF file or a set of PDF files and get a dynamic list of all matching instances.
  • PDF Portfolios and packages – Open and navigate PDF Portfolios and packages. Save their content as separate files.
  • Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight – Supports playback of embedded Flash and Silver Light rich media
  • Movie playback – Supports playback of embedded movie files
  • Layer support – View and navigate layered PDF files
  • Verify signed documents – View digital signatures in signed PDF documents and verify their authenticity with stored certificates.

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