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NotebookG is an free online note taking system. Instead of keeping hundreds of paper lists scattered throughout your office, try out the easy note keeping possibilities on NotebookG. All notes are created equal in one easy template. The template has boxes for date, time, subject, tags and body. The subject is particularly important because that is the title by which the note will be saved.  It is the easiest way to keep a permanent record and rest assured your data is always protected. No need to be bothered about losing what you have saved. And this free online notebook can also be personalized.

The notes also have style codes for bullet listing, number listing and adding URLs, which are all included in the formatting guide. This is great for keeping all your notes from classes, meetings, random encounters and other superfluous stuff. The relaxed style and flexible options will provide you with just the right type of note keeping system to stay organized and productive.

Features of NotebookG

  • PowerTags: Lets you organize notes with People, Places and Things. Previously used tag words will also be automatically completed as you type the first few characters.
  • People: You can enter the names in the people box according to the format of your choice – either first name, or first and last – just separate individual names with commas.
  • Note: You can tag a note to its specific place. Type a restaurant name for example where you had experienced a great meal.
  • Things: You can use things to tag your note with related identifiers. Example: Meeting Notes, Recipe, To-Do, etc.

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