Free Download Tweek Tablet Magazine for iPad

tweek-logoTimes Internet has launched Tweek, a free weekly magazine For iPad users. It is boast to be India’s first and only tablet magazine. Tweek brings you the most interesting stories from the week gone by. Tweek is not limited to just business, sports, lifestyle, politics or entertainment. Instead, Tweek is a general interest magazine spanning a wide range of global stories from a wide range of genres that are tailored to your wide range of interests and likes.

Free Download Tweek Tablet Magazine for iPad

The magazine curates the best editorial pieces from the online and offline properties of the Times Group, with a focus on lifestyle, fitness, technology, travel and shopping.

Tweek is the magazine of the future. You don’t read a magazine anymore, you get immersed in a magazine. Why limit yourself to reading a story when you can hear and watch it as well. Powered by multimedia and the social experience of the web, Tweek goes beyond words and pictures on a page to bring you a 360 degree magazine reading experience.


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