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MemoClip is a clipboard extender and information manager that significantly enhances the capabilities of the Windows Clipboard. It is a wonderful software that is actually a clipboard extender and an information manager that is an extension and enhancement of windows clipboard. It is a wonderful software that is actually a clipboard extender and an information manager that is an extension and enhancement of windows clipboard.

It is actually the place where all your stuff goes when you copy/edit/cut by right clicking on your mouse and selecting Copy. The stuff gets stored in the windows clipboard and you can then paste it where ever you want to and normally, the standard windows clipboard just copies one information at a time and not more than that. Memoclip comes from the makers of TeraCopy, and is equally well made.

MemoClip is a virtual scratch pad and clipboard manager that is always at your fingertips. If you have information to jot down quickly, just press the hot key in any application to bring MemoClip up, and start writing. These small pieces of text are stored into the automatically saved collections. MemoClip captures and stores all the items that you copy and you can store unlimited data on this amazing clipboard and select which ones you need to paste accordingly. Moreover, once your data is stored you can edit/format/clean it or even combine more items to it.

[advt]MemoClip also supports auto-replace, regardless of what application you may be working with. Insert commonly used text by entering a short abbreviation (text shortcut) nickname. For example, you could abbreviate the name of your firm/organization “cs” and have it expand to “Code Sector Inc.” after pressing Space. Enter special symbols like by simply typing. Insert signatures in email messages. All this and much more.

User can store all  information in collections having separate rules and user can create a ‘short term’ collection as well and track their clipboard history for the past few days. User can even create a ‘long term’ collection of bookmarks,project notes and so on. User can even add notes, phone numbers, addresses and anything you want to.MemoClip can help you copy several blocks of text from one place to another without having to scroll back and forth. The number of items that can be stored and recalled is unlimited, so you can freely copy and paste a large range of data into your favorite spreadsheet.

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  • It  has an auto replace option where you can enter abbreviations/symbols like eg/cont. and have it expanded like example for (eg),continue for (cont.)just by entering the space button.
  • MemoClip stores anything you want to whether its a web link or any text.
  • User can copy and paste a large number of data into it as it has an unlimited space.
  • User can customize your information after copying it as it offers several options like editing,formatting and so on.
  • User can add text to any existing collection as well.



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