Free Download Chikka Messenger for iPhone

Chikka Messenger LogoChikka Text Messenger for the iPhone let’s you send text-messages (SMS) to the Philippines, FREE OF CHARGE! Your friends can also reply to your messages instantly. Chikka recommend that you register your Philippine Mobile Number when using Chikka Text Messenger. That way, in case you are offline, you will still receive messages as SMS. If you do not have a Philippine Mobile Number, create a non mobile PC account and just stay online to keep on sending and receiving messages from your friends and family in the Philippines.

Download Chikka Messenger for iPhone


Can I change my password on my Chikka iPhone app?
Yes. Launch Chikka on your iPhone, go to Settings and then Change Password.

Can I view my phone’s contacts directly on this app?
Yes, you can change your settings accordingly whether you want to view only your Chikka buddies or also your phonebook. Simply go to Settings and then Contacts.

Can I send messages to more than one recipient?
Yes, you can send messages to multiple recipients using the Chikka.

How do I manage my Chikka buddies?
Send a Chikka message to your friend and will automatically be added in your buddy list. To edit, you can log on to your Chikka Web Messenger ( and add or delete your buddies from there.

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