Followbase – Real-Time Customer Service and Support via Twitter

Followbase is a real-time customer service & support forum for any company that uses Twitter. It scan Twitter and collect customer ideas, problems, questions and mentions of your company so you can share what people are saying and respond.

[advt]Claiming your company forum enables you to customize it, moderate, add employees to your team and much more.

Followbase is not affiliated with Twitter in any way. Enter  the name of company and click search if the company is in twitter you can ask for service and support, otherwise you can enter the company user name twitter.

Claim your forum to enable the following features:

Help your customers – by providing a real-time Twitter based customer service & support forum. Answer questions, gather ideas, solve problems and stay connected.

Customization – customize your Followbase forum to give it your own look & feel, upload your company brand logo and select the customer service topics.

Moderation – move tweets around from topic to topic, bury irelevant tweets or blacklist spammers and bots.

Add employees – as support reps to your company team.

Employee identification – all employee tweets are marked “team” and replies are highlighted.

Threaded replies – quick and easy to find replies and to see which tweets were answered.


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