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ComeiTool is a set of tools for your PC, which can perform the following functions: folder lock, folder synchronization, IP scanner and flash drive lock. Folder lock is used to lock and unlock folder in your PC using a password. Folder synchronization is used to synchronize files between two folders. IP scanner is for scanning all IP addresses in a network. And Flash drive lock is to enable or disable USB ports for flash drive using a password. The main features are  includes multiple features like folder lock, folder synchronisation, ip scanner and flash lock for free and Easy to use.

Download Comeitool

[advt]The best part of this software is that there are many features that have proven very useful features. Let’s see how the various operations that are performed with this software.

Folder Lock:

  • If you open the software, you’ll see a button that says Folder Lock.
  • Click to select this option, depending on whether you lock or unlock a file in a folder was previously locked are.[advt]
  • Suppose we want to lock a folder. Click the lock button and a window like below.
  • Select the folder you want to block, then enter your password on the right side. Confirm your password and click “Lock”. All the file is locked.
  • If you want to unlock the folder, click the Unlock button in the window that is reached during the repetition of the second stage.Select the folder you want to unlock and enter the password mentioned earlier, if you close the file. Click on “Open Now”. The file is now successfully unlocked.

The synchronization of files:

  • Folder Synchronization is a process, two files have the same files. Your copy and the destination folder, but contains only the files in the source.
  • Synchronization of folders with Comeitool is a simple process.After opening thesoftware, click on “Sync Folder” button. It then opens a window that looks like below.
  • Now select the source and destination folder and click on “Start Sync” button. Therefore, the synchronization is finished!


  • Click on the scanner after the opening of the IP software. It then opens a window that looks like below.
  • Enter your IP address to ping. You can also use the ping timeout.After the required parameters click scan and that’s it. You can download the report in the left side. Also, do not include many features that are good.


  • A very useful feature for all. If your USB port, a flash drive does not want to be locked, this function is used.
  • After opening the program, click on the “Flash Lock” key. A new window will open. There are two options available to enable or disable the USB interface. Select the one you want, and click Run. He asks for a password and enter your password if you do this for the first time.


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