LUXGEN5 – First Android Powered Car Launched in Partnership with HTC

luxgen-logoLUXGEN, Taiwan based automaker partnered with hTC to develop the unique THINK+ system for their latest car LUXGEN5. The system provided consumers with a new level of convenience in onboard computers.

LUXGEN will become the first car maker to adopt the Android system for the onboard platform. When an hTC mobile phone is connected to the THINK+ Touch system, all of the mobile phone calls will then be controlled directly through the 9″ smart touch screen on the central console. In other words, the user can access Facebook, send and receive e-mails or look up local sights through the touch screen. There is simply no end to the possibilities of the onboard multimedia system, thanks to the unique hTC mode, which will meet the demand for fast information access from the new generation of users.


The LUXGEN THINK+ Touch system’s five key functions include Multimedia, Phone, Safety, Information and hTC mode. Apart from using the touch screen itself, shortcut buttons are provided below the screen for convenience. The most innovative feature is to access the NAVI GPS navigation function using the hTC mode. The user can therefore check the map and set routes in the car or on the road. The hands-free Bluetooth system means users can also make calls using the car’s convenient hands-free interface.

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