– Create and Send Group Emails is a free web application to create email group to send group email. You can add members to email groups, and create private mailing lists. It is an online email group creator, and does not needs any download or installation.

You can specify members of your group, and create as many mailing groups as you want. Once your email group is created, you can send group mails to them. All the members of the group can manage the mailing list.

When anyone in the group sends an email to your list address, everyone in the group gets the message. You create lists directly from your email client you don’t need to register in advance or even visit the site to create a new list.


  • It is free for use and is also ad-free.
  • It creates an online mailing list.
  • It defines different names for different mailing lists. Therefore if you want to organize the names of your relatives and keep them aside from that of your friends you can easily do that.
  • All the messages that you send are also remembered with this mailing list. It also gives you an option to save a copy of all the messages that you send.
  • Another new feature that is added on is that you can create your custom domain, which is not quite found in these types of mailing software.

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