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ShirusuPad is an easy-to-use, yet powerful program, designed to always be right at your finger tips, yet as discreet as possible, allowing you to conveniently make notes of any kind. ShirusuPad can even be used as a simple library containing your favourite links, addresses, phone numbers, etc. You can also directly click on highlighted URLs to open them with the default web browser.

The most important thing when designing ShirusuPad was its small, yet, effective layout. It is only displayed when you need it, and disappears when you are done using it, hence, not taking any place on the desktop.



  • Unlimited number of Tabs, meaning unlimited number of notes.
  • Tabs can be dragged out of the main window, and function just like post-its.
  • Your notes can be encrypted, allowing only you to read them.
  • Sleek, and very, very innovative design, taking up almost no space.
  • Smart show/hide. It’s there only when you need it.
  • Supports alphablending, i.e. transparency.
  • URL-highlighting.
  • Everything saved automatically. All you need to do is make the notes

Download ShirusuPad

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