Download XTrack Expense Tracker for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

xtrack-logoXTrack Expense Tracker is an expense tracking application which can efficiently track all day to day expenses. The Interface is very user friendly and the cash flow is depicted in the simplest mode possible. It is your all-inclusive expense tracking and reporting application for anyone wishing to track their expenses.

Download XTrack Expense Tracker for iOS


  • Expenses are presented in a tabular manner with easily comprehensible details.
  • Expense variations are depicted using a cool looking animated battery.
  • Expenses corresponding to the running month can be exported to a pdf and user can send this file to any desired mail id.
  • Real fast access to any expense record is possible from the calendar.
  • Commonly used 13 expense categories and their subcategories are present. There are options to add and edit further subcategories to each category.
  • For each expense, the user can select a photo and enter related notes. Using the calendar, desired date of expense can be selected.
  • There is an Accounts section wherein the user can create money flowing accounts such as job, bank, credit, debit etc. There is also option to add extra cash to each recurring account.
  • Settings Section provides us with various options like
    • a. Full list of world currencies from which user can select any desired currency.[advt]
    • b. A detailed help section to understand how the application works.
    • c. A pass-code option which will help the user keep his expense tracking safe and secure.
    • d. A Back Up Option which helps the user to backup all the data to an external secure server and restore it when needed. A unique email-id and password is mandatory here for the backup process.
  • Bills Section gives alerts for recurring payments and payments scheduled for a specific date.
  • History section displays the monthly expenses under each category. There is also option to edit each record on the go.
  • A pie chart shows the diagrammatic representation of our expenses in weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Each slice on selection shows the detailed list of expenses related to each category.


XTrack – Expense Tracker Lite as compared to full version has got a few limitations such as:

  • It can hold only 300 expense records
  • Scheduled payments (Bills) are not supported.
  • Income addition to recurring accounts is not supported
  • No e-mail support for the backup pdf.

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