Download ‘WinLaunch’ Mac Launchpad for Windows for Free

WinLaunch is a free Mac launchpad for Windows which allows you to experience Mac launchpad for launching applications on your Windows computer. This Mac launchpad for Windows is easy to use with straight forward functionality and simple user interface. You can add applications, files and shortcuts to this Mac launchpad easily by pressing “F” key and dragging the items on to the launchpad screen. User can easily open shortcuts, applications and files in this launchpad with a single click on them.

Mac launchpad for Windows allows  to create folders in which  can store similar kind of apps. WinLaunch comes with the default hot key Shift+Tab by which user  can open it, same hotkey can be used for hiding it. User can switch to next page of this Mac launchpad by left clicking or right clicking in the blank space and dragging the mouse. This Mac launchpad also allows to rename shortcuts, apps or files inside this launchpad. For renaming you need to simply click the rename button and click the item to be renamed, this shows you a box to rename in which you need to type in the new name.

[advt]Mac launchpad for Windows includes few settings options such as General settings, activation settings, synaptics settings, design settings, screen settings etc. General settings allows you to enable the tablet mode. In tablet mode you cannot move the items freely anywhere within the launchpad which means that you cannot change the position of items in tablet mode. Without enabling tablet mode items added to this Mac launchpad can be moved freely.

Activation settings allows you to enable and change default hotkey to activate this Mac launchpad. You can enable Hot corners and select the corners so that whenever you place the mouse cursor on specified corner this Mac launchpad gets activated. If you place the mouse cursor again on that corner it will be hidden. Includes other activation settings like “Start with Windows” etc. Synaptics settings includes options to “enable synaptics activation” and “enable synaptics scrolling”. These functions work only if the synaptics touchpad of your device is compatible with Mac launchpad. Design settings enables you to set the background theme and adjust other interface design settings. Screen settings allows you to choose the screen from the dropdown menu.



  • Entirely free Mac launchpad for Windows.
  • Easy to use with simple and straight forward user interface.
  • Includes tablet mode.
  • Adjustable hotkey for activation.
  • Enable Hot corners function for activating this Mac launchpad by moving your cursor to specified corner.
  • Adjustable design settings.
  • Switch to next pages of this launchpad by simple click & drag functionality.
  • Create folders within Mac launchpad.
  • Rename items .

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