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UberTwitter is a Twitter client for iPhone and Blackberry. In addition to traditional Twitter client features – such as composing and sending tweets, retweeting, direct messaging and embedded link shortening – UberTwitter for iPhone offers an important new feature called UberView that make reading tweets faster and easier.

Either by tapping the tweet in portrait mode or turning the phone to landscape mode, users will be able to view and use content from any embedded link (e.g., webpage, photo or video) instantaneously without leaving the app or opening a new page within an app.[advt]

Download UberTwitter for iPhone


  • Tweet over 140 characters
  • Use TweetShrink to shrink your tweets to txt spk
  • Mute a user
  • Tweet a picture
  • Link shortening
  • Tweet a picture
  • Add a location to your tweet
  • Contact book for easy @mentions
  • Read and unread tweet colors
  • Trending topics
  • Save a draft of a tweet
  • Import your lists
  • Change your avatar
  • Edit your profile
  • Direct message
  • Search for people
  • Search Twitter

Navigating Between Tweets in UberView

There are two ways to browse your tweets in UberView

  • Via Swipe: While in UberView mode, you can swipe your finger across your screen (either across the tweet at the top of the screen, or across the UberView content in the main part of the window) to navigate to the next or to the previous tweet in your feed. Swiping your finger from left to right will move you up in your twitter feed. Swiping your finger from right to left will move you down in your twitter feed.
  • Via Right and Left Arrows: In UberView, white arrows point left and right. Touch one of these to navigate through tweets in the direction it points (right corresponds to moving down through your twitter feed and left corresponds to moving up).

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