Download Toolwiz Player and Converter

Toolwiz Player and Converter is a single tool which includes separate media player and conversion tools. The core media player supports all the major video and audio formats: AAC;*.AC3; *.APE;*.DTS; *.FLAC; *.M4A; *.MKA; *.MP2; *.MP3; *.MPA; *.MPC; *.OFR; *.OGG; *.RA; *.TTA; *.WAV; *.WMA; *.3GP; *.ASF;*.AVI; *.AVM; *.AVS; *.DAT;*.FLV; *.MKV;*.MOV; *.MP4;*.MPEG; *.MPG;*.NSV; *.OGM;*.RM; *.RMVB;*.TP;*.TS;*.VOB;*.WMV. And it does this without installing extra codec packs or doing anything else likely to mess up your system.

Download Toolwiz Player and Converter

The media player interface is, well, a little on the basic side, though. There are no menus. It includes just one toolbar, and even that includes only 5 buttons: open, play/ pause, stop, and so on. And somewhat annoyingly, the developers haven’t even bothered to provide tooltips, or a help file, so we’re not entirely sure what every button does.

[advt]The conversion utility is a separate program entirely, although it’s almost as odd. You can only add one file at a time, for instance. And selecting your output format and configuration options is done on a single, horribly cluttered dialog. Although if you’re converting video files then you can at least apply some filters at the same time, tweaking brightness and contrast, flipping the image, cropping or padding it, and more.

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