Download Stress Prime 2004 – CPU and Memory Stress Test Tool

Stress Prime 2004 is a CPU and memory stress test tool. You can check the current status of the stress test at a glance. If an error is detected in the system, you will be alerted in various manners, including flashing the window and playing a sound file.  This program is very resource intensive and could potentially lock up your computer. Before you run it, make sure you properly shutdown all other applications. You have been warned.

Download Stress Prime 2004

SP2004 provides:

  • Easily-visible test status. SP2004 displays the current status of the app in a large font on an appropriate background colour. When an error occurs during the test, SP2004 will also:
    • flash the dialog window
    • play a sound named fail.wav or a beep if a WAV file of that name doesn’t exist
    • [advt]flash the scroll lock key LED
    • change the app icon from a ‘dormant volcano on a sunny day’ to an ‘erupting volcano on an overcast day’
    • SP2004’s tray icon displays a tooltip window that shows the current test status
  • Time-related test status. SP2004 displays the test start time and how much time has elapsed.
  • Log window text that can be copied.

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