Download PingChat for Android – Send Unlimited Texts, Photos, Videos and Voice notes

PingChat is an ultimate cross-platform messaging experience for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. It helps to send unlimited texts, photos, videos, voice notes, and have group conversations. Receive messages instantly with push notifications and see message receipts.[androidqrcode:] Share your social profile with confirmed contacts. PingChat lets you send and receive instant messages, pictures, video, locations and voice notes with your data plan or wifi connection.

Download PingChat for Android


  • Works on all Devices
    PingChat makes it easy for friends to stay connected. Currently available on the Android, Blackberry and iOS platforms. This means that PingChat can be installed on hundreds of different devices. Seamless integration allows users to chat smoothly across all platforms.
  • Always Online
    There is no concept of signing in or signing out in PingChat, unlike other instant messaging platforms. Once you install PingChat and register your PingChat ID, you will be always be online. This is great because you don’t have to wait for your contacts to sign in to be able to chat with them.
  • Push Notifications
    PingChat have it own private push servers to send you push notifications whenever a new message is received. Whether it be a vibrate or a beep you will always know when you have a new message.

  • Full Media Support
    PingChat supports the sending of videos, pictures, and voice notes. Also new, send your location to any of your friends and family.
  • Group Chat
    PingChat is the only cross platform messaging application to offer flawless group chat integration. Chat with one friend or chat with ten. You can even send media in group chats and there is no limitation to what devices can join in.

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